TIG Weld - Filler Wire & Without Filler Wire


After four samples and many many communications. Finally our client accept our sample, for below fasteners with three bolts welded on the plate.

Titanium Bolts

It seems simple but the client has high quality on welding portion, especially the welding angle, depth, the roundness of welding seams, even the welding bellow shapes. we were all solved.

And after resolved all above questions there new problem happened, it was the welding current, we are difference. our welding current is 50A-150A, but the client insist their welding current is 200A-230A. that's really a big difference. and the client starts to worried about our welding strength.

But our engineers insist that based on our welding method, the materials would be damaged in 200A current. Everything was deadlocked and stopped.

In order to improve our welding strength no problem, we made a test, use one of bolts to hang up a 2 tons titanium ingot. and success. it proved that this parts with three bolts can hang up 6 tons at least. then the result is our welding strength is no problem.

Test Titanium Welding Strength

We also test the samples that client provided, all no problem.

But why the big difference welding current but all the welding are OK?

Accidentally, the client took a welding process pictures to me, and we found that it seems no weld wire (fillet wire) during welding. then, all the questions were answered.

The client weld method is self- fusible, but our method was use filler wire. self-fusible weld asked high current and high temperature, but filler wire weld only 50-150 is enough.

Welding bolts

At the beginning, we were all think that we used the same weld method and ignored it. and after this experiences, we should recognize that we cannot ignore every small details during communication. and should also more on the other side of the position to consider the issue.

Maybe I should prepare an article about two different welding method for TIG Welding.

Finally, showed the video of that interesting test of welding strength.


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